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Thread: Volvo 120 saildrive

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    Default Volvo 120 saildrive

    Hi All,

    One of my 120 SE saildrives has packed up (cannot be fixed according to 2 local engineers) has anyone got any ideas where I could get a decent used one please! Any help appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Volvo 120 saildrive

    It is very rare that something cannot be fixed but in the case of Volvo saildrives they can be very difficult to repair economically. My two were extremely reliable but on the one occasion I needed parts the bill ran to a couple of thousand US$ just for the parts. Hopefully you can find one as they are much more reliable than the equivalent Yanmar unit.

    Sadly, there are probably quite a large number going to become available in the Caribbean, the BVI in particular.

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    Default Re: Volvo 120 saildrive

    You might try this:

    I don't know if he will part them separately. The drives are 130's, not 120's, but they will fit your engine with a simple adapter plate sold by Volvo, or easily fabricated. I don't know if the gear ratio is different, so you may need to change prop if yours are the 2.19:1 model and not the 2.47:1 model (I'm pretty sure the drives for sale are 2.47:1).

    What is wrong with your drive?

    edit: I just noticed that you are in Surrey, so these may not be convenient.

    Mark Cole
    Manta 40 "Reach"

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