Palmerston was one of the highlights of our Pacific crossing.

The Motuís around the atoll are all divided into three with each part owned by the descendents of the three wives of William Marsters.

I have some strong advice for anyone wishing to visit there.

Make sure you contact Bill Masters who with is wife are amongst the nicest people you could meet. The problem is that Bob Marsters on the central section tries to grab any boat arriving onto his moorings and adopt them. Once you are grabbed you are trapped as his guests and will not have the same experience at all. Unlike Bob, Bill will give you tours of Bird Island etc and other experiences whilst asking for nothing. Itís up to you what you may wish to give him.

On the other hand Bob will try to extract all he can from you whilst providing nothing but the food and even that does not compare to what Bill offers.

Bill can be contacted on
+682 37 637 or mobile +682 76 106

As you radio the island (Ch16) when almost there insist that you have a previous arrangement with Bill and do not allow yourself to be diverted to Bob.

There are only about 50 residents there now and we did have a great time with a whale surfacing just 20 feet from our stern as we completed the check in formalities.

There are about 14 moorings there.

Anyone who want to ask questions please feel free to do so.

We are now in Tonga soon to head to New Zealand.