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    Hello all!

    My name is Marco and I live and work on beautiful Mallorca (Spain), where I have a yacht management/service company. I look after and have looked after a variety of yachts, also several catamarans. This means I am fairly aware what works and what does not. And I am a keen sailor, having sailed since the age of 3 and having clocked about 50k nm by now. I own a 40ft monohull , but my dream is to own a catamaran for my wife and I to go sailing into the big wide world. Something 12-14m. We have a dream cat.....but not the budget to buy it. So self build seems the only option, unless we would buy used. I have access to a lot of knowledge and materials (and discounts!), which is quite helpful, so my preference would be to build something myself, so you know it from A-Z.

    I have looked into self build cats and what surprises me, is that the "easier and affordable" to build cats, mostly are designs from the 80īs (Wharram, Woods). More modern cat designs (in kit form) all come at much higher costs. But maybe some of you forummers can prove me wrong there. I am open to all suggestions.

    Be happy!


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    G'day Marco, good to hear you are coming over from the dark side. There are only 2 kinds of boats, cats and dogs. You could look at the Schionning website for kit cats from Jeff Schionning. His kits are very reasonably priced and his cats are amazing. But seriously, if you are that savvy in the boat building industry with the amount of contacts you have, why would you not get a late model Catamaran that has been lightly damaged in hurricane Irma for peanuts? They will be giving them away shortly. I've already had people contact me from the BVI's wanting to know if I would buy a lot/shipful of catamarans to Australia. So this could be an affordable option? For far less that building a kit. And you would have your choice of dozens of different designs and the underwriters are writing them off by the hundreds. Food for thought.

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    Hi L&N,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am aware of the impact Irma has and will have on both the new built market as well as the second hand market. However, the bulk that will come up for sale will be Lagoon, Leopard, FP etc. These are not the type of catamarans I am looking for.


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    If I were to do it again, I'd strongly favour a kit build over a "From scratch" build. I think many of the kit boat builders would agree. They seem to be at least twice as fast to build.

    Just my two cents...


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    IMO, the best value kit cats available:

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