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    Hi Ya'll, (Newbie)

    I have been searching the internet mercilessly for the past year, and am finally ready to pull the trigger. I've narrowed my search down to two cats. They are both the same asking price. I have always done all my own upfit to the boats I've owned. I spoke to my broker about my choices and he said Leopard hands down. My other choice a Privilege, he said was a northern climate boat and would bake me alive in the islands. Opinions please....

    1. A 2005 Leopard 40, Used to cruise to Maine every summer since leaving charter in 2011. 4 cabin, 2 head. All new electronics due to nearby lightning strike, 2016. engines rebuilt 2014, w/200hrs. Boat in excellent condition, w/ minor cosmetics needed. Sails new 2013. No solar, watermaker, AC, generator, or wind turbine.

    2. A 2004 Privilege 435, 4 cabin 4 head (in forepeak). Private owner till 2011, in charter since then. Not in Caribbean. In great shape, needs new canvas, and minor upfit. Stunning interior accommodations, (like Antares 44). Electronics original but same as leopard. Engines strong but original (5,000 hrs). Sails original. No solar or AC. Comes with watermaker, generator, dive compressor. At least $100,000 below comparable.

    So, any thoughts?

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    Welcome... I agree with your broker that one boat wins hands down, but I totally disagree with him about which one it is!

    The Privilege 435/445 generally comes pretty much at the top of peoples list for cats that you'd want to have if they plan on living aboard and crossing oceans. I lived on mine in the Caribbean for a couple of years and then did a circumnavigation. We did have AC but to be honest, we only used it for an hour or two in the evening mainly to take the humidity levels down to make sleeping more comfortable and prevent build up of mould in the boat. The nice sloping windows do presumably let more heat in than smaller vertical windows but even us Brits more used to being cold than hot didn't regard it as an issue. Those sloping windows are also nice when green water comes over the bow and just slides over the top of the salon rather slamming straight into the windows. Talking of slamming, the 435 has better bridgedeck clearance than most. I would recommend fitting at least one AC unit ( in a Privilege 435 the main unit goes under the salon seats and supplies the salon and both fore cabins, retrofitting is not difficult) in any boat used in the tropics for the reasons already stated.

    Onto specifics on the boat you are looking at... My boat had Volvo 2040D and when I sold it they had done over 9000 hours so if yours are the same 5000 hours should be no problem if they've been maintained. Mine smoked a bit when pushed and used some oil but they still worked just fine. The new owner replaced them straight away so we don't know how much longer they might have gone on. Saildrives were fine. Many people prefer Yanmar because spares are cheaper but I didn't need many Volvo specific parts for mine (used generic oil filters and impellers), the base engine is a Perkins so you can use their stuff for most things other than the marinised bits. If 'your' boat has Yanmar saildrives then you can expect the dreaded cone clutch 'maintenance' requirement every 500 hours or so.

    Other bits... Last set of sails I bought cost around $10000. I would fit solar because it is always nice to get free energy. You will be glad of the watermaker if you plan on going to remote places. To me generator was essential. What make and how many hours on your boat?

    That's it for now I think. Have fun deciding!

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    You have not stated how you will use the boat although you imply "the islands" so should we assume "live a board"? If this is the case then the Privilege 435!

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