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Thread: Lost prop on myLagoon 450.

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    Default Lost prop on myLagoon 450.

    Hi all

    So we are motoring from Florida to Great Harbor Bahamas. We are doing man overboard drills and one of our Flex o Fold props drops. . .2000 feet to the ocean floor. We arrived at Great Harbor, dropped anchor and now need to get 2 fixed props shipped to Great Harbor Cay preferably.

    Im thinking to replace both with fixed props for now so I'll have spares when I eventually buy another Flex o Fold replacement.

    I would love to get some prop specs for my Lagoon 450 with Yanmar 54 HP with YanmarSD50saildrives attached. And the best place to buy em to have them shipped to Great Harbor Cay or if someone has a better suggestion.

    Or if anyone has spare props for a Lagoon 450 with Yanmar 54HP/SD50 saildrives.

    Many thanks for all and any ideas


    p.s. I've posted this in the Cruisers Forum but havent got a response yet.

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    Default Re: Lost prop on myLagoon 450.

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