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Thread: Lagoon 380 S2 vs Leopard 39 (Moorings 3900)

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    Default Lagoon 380 S2 vs Leopard 39 (Moorings 3900)

    Happy new year!

    Please help, I need some purchase advice;

    Which one for my next purchase? A Lagoon 380 S2 Premium (privately owned) or a Leopard 39 (Moorings 3900, ex-charter, +2000 engine hours)
    Both will be the "owners version", and 2010-2012 model range.
    My use will be Med cruising, but want the boat to be capable for more, e.g. Atlantic circle.
    The price tag of these boats are more or less the same, around 225.000 EUR incl EU VAT.

    "PRO" Lagoon 380;
    More protected cockpit, better re-sale value (more well known and not ex charter), wider hulls and wider boat over all, slightly more inside volume / storage capacity.

    "PRO" Leopard 39;
    Better overall quality, nicer helm position (hard top, and access both sides), easier to single hand (all sheets at helm), great dinghy david system.

    All input is very welcome, from experience or opinion, which one would be the better choice?

    Personally I like the Leopard design better, and I love the quality details of the Leopard. However, having owned a Lagoon 410 s2 owners version before, I am happy to stick with the Lagoon brand, as my previous boat treated me well, and we liked her handling and performance (we sailed often 10-12 knots, and it was not surfing!).

    Thanks for your input, looking forward to read.

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