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    My winches are distinctly stiff and I need to service them. The makers etching on them is faded and unreadable but they look to be the original ones, 41 years old now so not unreasonable that they need a service.
    Does anyone have a link for how to dismantle/service them? Or any tips to on how to avoid pawls and springs shooting out all over the place!

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    I'm following this one, my sheet winches are free but I think a good service will not hurt them, at the least knowing how to dismantle them without surprises is good to know
    If I'm not mistaken they are Gibb bottom-action winches
    Somewhere (can't remember where) I read:
    I have a pair of old Gibb bottom-action winches on my boat. They keep binding due to corrosion between the sleeve and the alloy drum compressing the sleeve so that it binds on the spindle.

    I have freed up the old winches by lapping out the plastic sleeves with a piece of abrasive paper glued onto a wooden dowel to make a sort of abrasive flap-wheel. This worked very well.

    Regarding lubrication, I have tried various greases and finally come to the conclusion that it's best to use nothing! These winches cannot keep the water out so any grease will soon degenerate into a mess of grit, salt and slime that will cause excessive wear. Just wash them out with fresh water occasionally to get rid of the salt, there's nothing inside that will rust.
    As to prevent parts from being lost when opening up, if it's free to open (no force required) an idea is to cut a circle (Winch diameter) in the bottom to 'catch' any parts wanting to leave without premission ;-) Otherwise a towel around the winch should also catch these parts (and needs to be handled with care or those small bits get lost anyway)...
    1979 Catalac 8M - 8-84 - Samimiy

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