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Thread: Catalac 900 - Not All Progress Over The 9M

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    My aged 8M has a lovely big single wheelhouse window that gives perfect visibility forward. Toying with the thought of a 900 I was disappointed to see that the forwar visibility is poor through the 2 fairly small windows. Yes the integral moulding of the wheelhouse is an aesthetically more pleasing shape but at the cost of good visibility. Also some of these were made with an internal steering position only rather than internal plus cockpit steering. The couple of boats I have looked at on line recently also have the forecabin opened out to give bed access both sides. I appreciate the advantages of this set up but there are also severe downsides too.

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    I have just bought an 8m, although I did look at a couple of 900s before I did this. To be honest I didn't see much difference between them, and chose my 8m in the end as although it was 10-15 years older, it had been clearly loved and looked after all the more. Just looking forwarding to getting it back to home base and spending the summer with her.


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