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Thread: Differences betwen Catalac 9 900 9m

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    Default Differences betwen Catalac 9 900 9m

    Hi guys, i'm thinking to buy a Catalac 9m for my family summer trip.
    can someone help mi to find the differences between the different types of Catalac 9, 900, 9m and 30?
    for example the type with the round window, what's it name?
    thanks too much

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    Hi Lido, The Catalac 9, 9m and 30 is the same boat. They were built from about 1968 to 1985, The first ones had the round windows, later the square windows were built in. With the same moulds mid 1990's a facelifted boat was produced. The big change was the enclosed helm station and the removal of the sliding cover and the companionway door. The 900 had now full headroom after closing the boat. You find more information on this site:

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