The Republic of Montenegro is a country in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south. To the west of Montenegro is the Adriatic Sea.

When approaching the coast of Montenegro you can expect to be contacted by a navy vessel so, VHF16 must be monitored at all times. They will require the following information:
* Yacht's name
* Owner's name
* Radio call-sign
* Vessel's flag
* Vessel's registered port
* Destination
* Last port of call

Announce your arrival as early as possible to the Harbourmaster at either Kotor or Bar via the Bar Radio Coast Station on VHF16 and proceed directly for check-in.

Required documentation:
* The boat registration papers
* The insurance documents
* A cruising permit purchased on arrival at a port of entry

Ports and Stops:
* Bar (Port of entry)
* Budva (Port of entry)
* Herceg Novni (Port of entry)
* Kotor (Port of entry)
* Petrovac
* Risan (Port of entry)
* Tivat
* Ulcinj
* Zelenika (Port of entry)

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