My background is I have now a macgregor 26x and I've sailed for a few years now in the keys and icw and while this was a good starter boat and helped plant the seed to do more sailing it's not meant for my intentions of wanting to take a year or so down the bahamas exumas and as far south as a Gemini can safely get me question is I don't have deep pockets and can't afford a 105mc and I've heard of some 105mc doing lomg ocean passages even read of one circumnavigating.... I have zero plans to circumnavugate just the bahamas maybe Turks caicos and that area island hopping.... while infant afford a 105mc I have seen a couple Gemini 3000s pop up for mid 30k which I can afford ..... I'm wondering if a Gemini 3000 is just as capable offshore and just as seaworthy as a 105mc?
I've read conflicting info some day no the 105mc is more suited for """blue water""" while others say the 3000 was a heavier built boat with more bridge deck clearance making it superior

Just thought I'd ask here to get some clarification