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Thread: Hi....I may well be delusional.

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    Default Hi....I may well be delusional.

    Hi all.

    I have a bit of experience in mobo ownership(during the late 70s)but none with flappy sheets.

    So, my reason for joining this fine forum?

    I want to do the a multihull.....with an experienced crew both of us will be certified

    so, who better to seek advice from than you lot.

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    Default Re: Hi....I may well be delusional.


    I bought my first boat, a cat, and did the ARC in it 6 weeks later. Timing wasn't meant to be that tight but it was a new boat and delivery was later than expected. I had done quite a lot of chartering monohulls and had done RYA courses up to Coastal Skipper practical and Yachtmaster Ocean theory so I had more experience than you of sailing but very little on a cat.

    I had one other experienced sailor and three novices who I knew well as people but who'd only sailed with me for a couple of weekends. Only thing I would have changed would be to have dropped one person as 5 people into 4 cabins was a bit of a pain for those that had to share. On the other hand, it did make watches a bit easier.

    My advice to you... Get training as soon as possible and plan on taking more crew (you won't have a problem finding them).

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