My Tohatsu 20 hp has been good but it may have a leak from the power tilt cylinder. What happened was that I got a bow pontoon line left trailing and sailed for a few hours and only when I lowered the leg to motor and it immediately stopped that I realised there was a problem. Unfortunately I did not realise immediately that the prop was fouled and tried to raise the leg but as it was attached to the bows and tight the leg would not lift. After I had cleared the prop I noticed a film of hydraulic fluid on the top and sides of the cylinder. My question is whether trying to raise the leg when it was held down could have blown a seal and lost alittle fluid as a one off or once it has leaked it will keep on leaking. I am not familiar with hydraulic seals to be sure how they behave. The motor is 6.5 years old and has only done about 600 hours.