Hello everybody,
I have hydraulic steering on my cat and now looking to change autopilot due to the old one didn't work well and now don't work at all.
The old one was a Teleflex Morse Easy pilot that no longer exist on the market.
With information from the previous owner of the cat is that the autopilot only work while motoring never under sails even though all the inputs was there.
Since I have a new Garmin system onboard I'm looking at a Garmin autopilot but using a GPS Compass instead of Garmin fluxgate compass.( This option is now possible with a software update from Garmin since they don't have a GPS Compass, even though they are the GPS company ;-))

But now to the question.
Anybody have experience with Garmin Autopilots?
Anybody have experience with Garmin Smartpump?
Why I would like to have a smart pump is due to it has a brushlessmotor and what I understand is variable speed that would minimise power usage.

Would it be better to go with a standard pump from Garmin? I think out of easier repair.

Best Regards,