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Thread: Self Starting volvo penta Lagoon380

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    Hello from Panama, Lagoon380-VP380 with VP D1-30, Stbd engine starts by itself..amazing..Anyone had this problem?.
    Actually I've seen this on 6 various Catamarans with Volvo Penta engines..
    I've jumped the y/r starter wire across the Cannon Plugs and changed the Starter relay..
    Now looking for possible problem areas within this particular Model...Any Takers? Thanks, CM

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    I've registered with Multihulls4us to find out more about Lagoon catamarans and yours was the first post I read. I think I might be able to help because the same thing happened to me. I'm afraid don't bring good news.

    I have a monohull with the D2-55 engine. The problem was entirely the failure of the relay box, literally a black box, on the side of the engine. It appears to contain a fuse, some relays and other assorted electronics. Mine couldn't be repaired by a marine electronics business so I had to replace it. The cost was in the order of US$600! On the positive side it appeared to be a well stocked item in the local VP dealer. (I was visiting USA at the time). There is a VP dealer on Panama on Isla Flamenco.

    The second time I suffered the same failure I removed the entire wiring harness and reverted the engine to a basic system for starting, stopping and warning sensors. You could also consider this option which is basic stuff for marine diesel mechanics.

    Although this isn't what you wanted to read, I hope it is at least useful in your search for a solution.

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    Default Re: Self Starting volvo penta Lagoon380

    Welcome, and what a simple and obvious temporary solution that would not have occured to me.


    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Unfortunately, replacing a wiring loom on a 38 Lagoon is no simple feat.And the Black Box is nothing more than 2 relays and bits. Your Marine Electronics Business is Selling and not fixxing.
    Okay, onwards and I'll post the fix when I finish it.......Ciao4now

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