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Thread: 2 years from now.. thinking a used L421 or 440 due to costs of 450

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    Default 2 years from now.. thinking a used L421 or 440 due to costs of 450

    I've been looking at lots of used catamarans for the past year or two for circumnavigation for my wife and I. I'm looking for a roomy, well rounded catamaran for years of comfortable living in remote locations/off the grid. I originally wanted a L450, but realistically speaking, will not be in my budget. I'm looking for a cat that is $350k USD tops and that maybe too much. Realistically more like 300-325k. This unfortunately eliminates a L450 and perhaps a 440. However, it looks like I should be able to purchase a used 2008-2012 L421. I think the layout is pretty nice (owner's version), has all the comforts to keep my wife happy, washing machine, water makers, etc. I prefer the sport top over the fly-bridge of the 440 also. Last year I chartered a 2005 Lagoon 440. It was nice with a lot of room, refrigeration, generator, A/C, etc. I was happy with it's sailing performance in our bad weather with ample room to stay dry, minimal pounding, motoring, ease of sail handling by myself. However, the autopilot was not very good and kept disengaging. This left me alone on the fly-bridge hand steering for long periods while everyone else (7 guests) stayed dry downstairs without me. In rough seas, I didn't think I'd like to walk around any more often that necessary to leave the fly-bridge and back when I needed to depart the flybridge for short periods. Additionally, I had no way to talk to people inside salon when it was storming wind/rain and the doors closed in the salon. It sort of sucked; water in my food and drinks. Also, after sailing, putting the sails away in sail bag to zip closed, i was not excited about having to climb down the boom to tuck it in when it did not fall straight in. I think I would like to be able to reach the boom/sail on a 421. Unfortunately I have never run across or seen a 421 that I could touch or walk on, only Youtube videos.
    I've really been leaning heavily to a 421 now over a 440. I think the 440 fly-bridge, high and out of reach boom, higher 440 purchase cost, and maintenance of a slightly larger catamaran have me thinking a 421 would be best.

    I have not seen any reviews on a 421 sailing qualities, heavy seas, light wind, cruise speed, etc. Obviously I do not expect high performance as it will be a retirement live aboard. I don't need to do 10+ knots all day. In the charter 440 I used, I did see 10 kt for very short periods of time, maybe a few minutes on 2 days on our 7 day trip.

    I have also not see any walk-through videos on the storage capacity of a 421, under floors, inside engine rooms, front storage hatches, etc. Most videos only walk through to show the floor plan, not showing inside all the compartments.

    Can a 421 have an installed (not free standing in a bathroom) cloths washing machine? My wife really wants that option. I'd like A/C, water-maker, generator, and will add a lot of solar/wind as required.

    Can anyone compare a Lagoon 440 (I've sailed) to a 421 (have not even seen one) on any points: sailing, size, etc? They look very similar.

    How is a sideways guest bed in a 421? Is there a benefit to it? Perhaps if the swell is on the beam it might be more comfortable?

    Anyone have a link to a good walk-through video on the storage, engine rooms, and under floors, etc?

    How does the 421 sail in light wind?

    Any guess as to why there isn't as much reading on the lagoon 421 as the other models? It's been in production for a while, 2009 to 2015? There seems to be a lot of reading on the 420, 440, 450, etc.
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