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Thread: Relocating House Bank '95 P-45

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    Default Relocating House Bank '95 P-45

    The next phase of my refit on Luna is the electrical system. My first order go business is the house bank. I've given a great deal of thought to relocating the house bank from the starboard engine room, as well as leaving it right where it is. My current plan is to place the 6 house batteries at the base of the mast in the nacelle closet. I will have to modify the closet moving the forward closet bulkhead (bottom 12") 4 1/2" forward. This will allow the 6 (75lb) batteries to be placed 2 across (port - starboard) and 3 deep (with proper restraints of course).
    The PROS:
    Less wiring, equipment, weight in the starboard engine room.
    Short run from house bank bus to Nav Station switch board
    House Bank weight at the mast
    Nacelle has AC vent and stays cooler than engine room
    Easy access to House Bank
    The CONS:
    ...Fire away

    Thanks for your input

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    Default Re: Relocating House Bank '95 P-45

    CONS... Long cable run to things like inverter?

    Another option... My 435 had the house bank in the stbd bilge in the companion way. Don't know what advantages that has other than making use of otherwise wasted space but Alliaura must have moved it for some reason.

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    Default Re: Relocating House Bank '95 P-45

    Understand you are not replacing your batteries, just moving them? My thought is that if the batteries are due in a relatively short time, you might by then consider lithiums. The same useful Ah's would then take less space and you might not have to go through expanding the planned battery location. The weight would also be considerably less. Lithiums will benefit from not staying in the engine compartment if you are cruising hot places.

    I would like lithiums myself, but the AGM's are still too good to throw away. So I will wait a bit. And maybe benefit from a more ripe, simple and reasonable priced technology. But if I needed batteries now, I would have chosen lithiums.

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