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Thread: Boat window rubbers seals and frame section

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    I have a broken front side window that has been broken before and is set in sealant rather than the original rubber seals. It is being a pig to remove as it is well adhered to the grp. I am likely to damage the frame so I am looking to source frame Ali section as well as rubber seals. Any ideas to source this?

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    Hi, Im a new member.
    I was thinking about purchasing a Summer twins project and while researching sources for bits found that the Multihullcentre in Millbrook near Plymouth UK said they could help supply as they are builders and purchase bits in bulk, try phoning if you are in the UK 01752 823900. or look at their website chandlery. They might be able to point you in the right direction.
    (I eventually purchased an Iroquois as I wanted sailing not mega DIY.)

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    I finally removed the broken glass from the frame after about 8 hours of sustained work with a hot air gun and a sharp chisel. The hot air gun helped soften the mastic (sikka) enough to chisel out the glass. The broken glass is 6.4mm laminated glass that had broken on the inner pane but the outer was intact. I was impressed how hard it was to penetrate the laminate with a hammer! Currently making a template to get the new glass cut. I am going to bed the new pane in butyl rubber as the channel is only 9mm wide and without the specialist rubber window seals I have no alternative way of bedding in the window.

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    A word of warning about Butyl rubber .
    I used this on all my windows and found that the Butyl started to go very soft and ooze out of the joint in the Med heat !
    I had to remove every scrap of it as it was making a real mess .
    I was very hopeful for this seal as it is used in the double glazing industry , but on a boat things move !
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    I reinstalled all my frames using butyl as it seemed what they were installed with.
    In the med it oozed out? Did you get any leaks due to that?
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