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Thread: New 8m owner, bilge pump question.

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    Default New 8m owner, bilge pump question.

    Hi all, I bought an 8m 4 weeks ago sold as a project but far from the 2 boat projects I have bought and restored in the past. Basically a good clean, engines serviced new sails, nav gear and headlining and that's it. It had been inside a marina for most of this year and almost dry in both engine bays, I bought the boat home on engines and a bit of the bad sail for a bit of help for the engines, the journey took 4.5 hours and at the time no more water ingress into the engine bays. However in the 2 weeks since being back home and on a swinging mooring both the bays have let in water and quite a lot in the starboard side. Quite by accident whilst servicing the engines I found the float switch and bilge pump and when the switch was operated in the up position it did the job it should. The switch has 3 positions so am I right in thinking one position should be off, another for manual and the third for auto pump? I can't find any info whatsoever and of course you can't see or access the pumps very well with the engines in. The starboard side is not working at all you see and I had to place a portable pump in but wanting an auto solution ultimately. The pumps feel like they may be under the front of the engines and in a sump of sorts, does anyone know how they can be removed to test or replaced? Thanks in advance for even taking the time to read this epic, I'm sure during my refurb the articles on these pages will be useful.

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    Hello Gary,

    No clue as my 8M only has an outboard and no electric bilge pumps...
    I am not sure if these pumps are oem or owner installed.

    Congrats with your new cat!

    1979 Catalac 8M - 8-84 - Samimiy

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    Hi Garypowell, congrats on your new purchase and getting it moving so quickly !
    Pictures, name or hull number of your new pride & joy are always welcome !
    I hope you have found how the water is getting into the engine bays.

    The bilge pumps are best located in front of the engines, in a shallow sump below the alternator belt and water pump.
    It's an awfully tight and awkward place to work...
    My float/water sensors are held by cable ties to the bilge pump body. The whole assembly is held in place (kind of) by the flexible pipe on the pump outlet.
    That makes it easy to pull up the whole thing for cleaning and inspection. One alternative would be to mount everything on a vertical support/batten with easy to remove nuts/bolts higher up on the forward engine bulkhead.

    I have a small control panel in the cockpit, port side, between the Morse engine controls. One switch for each side (automatic/forced on) + indicator light.
    No way to fully disable the bilge pumps except by removing the corresponding fuse and I think it is better like that...

    Sorry no pics as I am not on the boat for now.
    Hope this helps,

    Mucky bilgy Puck

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