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Thread: boarding/ swim ladder types ?

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    Default boarding/ swim ladder types ?

    I am looking for a better boarding ladder for the transom step on my cat .
    I have a removable type , presently , but it has to be removed when going stern to and the fittings are getting worn and loose ,
    one day it will drop to the sea bed !

    my steps are the same as most cats so can I see what kind of ladders you are using , please ?

    I favour the telescopic type , but the length folded will overhang the transom which is a definite no ,
    as if contact is made with the quay at any time it could be disastrous !
    after anchoring , stern to is the most common way of tying up in the Med

    what is the best type of ladder ?
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    Default Re: boarding/ swim ladder types ?

    Hi gramos,

    I will be fitting this kind of swimming ladder to my boat next season:

    They will be fitted on the side of the port hull aft of the cockpit transom and will thus not interfere with med style docking.

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    Default Re: boarding/ swim ladder types ?

    Remember that many of the fixed folding ladders do not have hand holds above deck level. My transom sides are sloped and there is nothing to grab hold of so having a removable ladder or fixed with crooks provides hoops above deck.

    Without crook
    With crook

    Just examples not suggesting these ladders in particular


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