NV Charts for Bahamas (for sale)

I have three NV Atlas electronic charts packs for the Bahamas.

These are complete sets of electronic, paper charts and pilot guides for each of the following areas.

You can download the electronic charts to use on OpenCPN or NV's proprietary viewer. Each set comes with a license scratch card that allows 3 copies of each set to be registered. The licenses for 9.1 and 9.2 are unused, not scratched off. We did some planning so the license for 9.3 was used to test one copy on OCPN, there are 2 remaining copies on this license.

Didn't make it to the Bahamas so are selling the complete set on Ebay starting at 99p plus postage.

Northwest 9.1 - Complete folio with unused electronic licenses.

Central 9.2 - Complete folio with unused electronic licenses.

Southeast 9.3 - Complete folio with electronic license. I have used 1 of the 3 licenses to test in OCPN. There are still 2 remaining.