Hi All. New bloke here. Looking to purchase a 381

Not much about the boat on here so any general stuff greatly received, but these are the things on my mind at the moment;

Balsa has been mentioned as a core. any idea which part of the structure? Judging by all the dents in the side - I would assume that above the waterline is foam.

I can see woven aramid on the inside of the hull sides, can I assume that it is on the outside? Below waterline too? Looks like a carbon/aramid combination of the structural bulkheads.

What sort of resin was used in the lay-up? Vinylester would be compatible with aramid and Gelcoat.

The head linings are all beautifull gelcoat GRP mouldings rebated to take infill panels [They don't make 'em like that any more]. The infill panels are a hollow PVC sheet that has gone a bit flakey. Has anyone come up with a replacement material for this [Other than thin ply]?

Many thanks in anticipation