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Thread: Catalac 41 slide rail slider material

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    Hello Fellow Catalac Members,

    On each side of the Catalac-41 cabins, is a 16-ft long (5 metres), 304 stainless 25mm-diameter rail-tube with a slider to clip onto with a harness tether. Please see the attached pics.

    The slider is likewise made of 304 stainless, with some kind of non-metal material that buffers between the stainless slider and stainless rail-tube. Does anyone know what kind of material that non-metal buffer is made of, please?

    If so, does anyone know where it can be sourced? Presumably it would be in tube/pipe form that can be cut. It would need to be 25mm ID to fit on the rail-tube, but also be a max 33mm (1.295”) OD to fit inside the slider’s 33mm ID. This slide rail was definitely a for-Catalac custom job, not anything "off the shelf."

    One of our sliders is okay, but the other slider’s buffer came apart in bits. We’ll probably replace both if the material can be sourced.

    Kind regards,

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    You might be able to get a piece of PTFE tube and make something to suit?

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    Thank you. Will look into that.
    Fair winds and safe travels.
    God bless.

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