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Thread: Tipping crew when you are the owner?

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    Question Tipping crew when you are the owner?

    I am about to own a catamaran that will have a captain and cook as crew. I have read many opinions about tipping when you are using the boat and an owner, anything from no tip to 15%. I want to be fair but also don't want to think about a large crew fee every time I want to use the boat for a week. I would likely just captain the boat and hire a cook for the trip. As a soon to be new owner, what should I set as the expectation for crew pay and tipping when its my family on the catamaran? Grateful for any thoughts.

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    Surely, this depends on your employment contract with the captain, and the cook.

    If you have agreed a good salary etc package, then no tips from you when you use the boat.

    If you have agreed a minimal salary with the captain that is to be supplemented with tips. The idea being to use this as a sort of incentive scheme to encourage the captain to give a good service so as to get the tips. Then of course you would pay a good tip yourself when you use the boat.

    It all depends on you, what you want, the captain and what he wants as a level of pay etc, the sort of use envisioned for the boat, the fall back position if there are not many bookings, the captain's freedom of choice regarding location and activities, your planned maintenance and capital expenditure commitment, etc etc.

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