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20th September 2009, 03:05 PM

20th September 2009, 04:57 PM
My definition of a "roomaran" or "condomaran" for our friends in the colonies:D

Horses for courses, but not what I dream of, maybe more of what the wife likes.


20th September 2009, 05:34 PM
My definition of a "roomaran" or "condomaran" for our friends in the colonies:D

Yes. It is very nice.:)
I also like the fact that it is one of the very few which offers shaft drive.

There is a youtube video showing a 441 doing a claimed

26th October 2009, 09:29 AM
In my opinion a very respectable boatbuilders who deliver
what they promise : a seaworthy catamaran with a outstanding finish and quality. The Dean 441 is not a lightweight but they've done their best to keep it below 12.5 T ( ready to cruise )



26th November 2009, 11:59 AM
We stepped on board the Dean 441 at La Rochelle 09. It was above the size and price we were looking at but we were curious. I was wowed by the engineering (the build of this cat is not driven by a Marketting Dept) as you walked about on the deck it felt rock solid and the electrical wiring is world class, just to pick two atributes. Helen was wowed by the design and quality of the interior.

Our research continues. All boats are a compromise but the Dean is a Cat we would happily spend several years on.


21st December 2009, 03:28 PM
I brought a brand new 440 from the Chesapeake to the Virgin Islands a year or so ago. It had just come up from SA to do the Annnapolis Boat Show and I brought the new owners down.

I found her to be fast and weatherly (and we did contend with some quite large winds and bumpy seas....) and comfortably habitable. There were annoying little things wrong and a disappointing lack of post sales help from Dean but, heck, all new boats have things wrong and I understand that it is not the norm to have poor after-sales service from the builders. All in all, a stylish boat which I was quite happy with.

24th April 2010, 04:19 AM
A question.

I Know the Dean 440-441's are a quality vessel and very seaworthy.

Is their bridgedeck clearance adequate to eliminate bridge slamming.

I had heard the earlier models of 37 and 42ft had this issue quite badly.

Anybody know? There is no reference to Deans earlier models on their current website.


14th May 2010, 09:37 AM
Hi Downunder.

I received from Peter Dean a very comprehensive e-mail on the subject of bridgedeck clearance. I précis his 2 page e-mail?

Dean 441 bridgedeck clearance is measured with the Cat in the water with full fuel and water plus the heavy weight items, Gen Set, Water Maker and Air Con where fitted. These are not the figures quoted by many other manufactures so be careful when making comparisions on paper.

There is a difference between Hull Slam (which all boats suffer from) and Bridgedeck Slam. The Dean 441 will experience hull slam when sailing hard into a headwind in +4m sea swells when doing in excess of 9Kts but not bridgedeck slam. The Dean 441 has straighter hull shapes on the inside to delay the joining on the inside bow waves, at the point were these inside bow waves join (below the sliding door to the cockpit) the bridgedeck begins to lift thus reducing contact effect. There is difference between water touching the bridgedeck and slamming.

If you are seriously considering a Dean 441 (and the Dean 441 is a serious Cat) try e-mailing Peter Dean to discuss your questions.

As a general point on Cats and comfortable nights. Troutbridge (an entertaining post'er on Mailasail.com ) a Broadblue 385 currently crossing the Pacific, found in lumpy seas reducing the boat speed from 7Kts to 6.5Kts made for a much quieter night for helmsman and sleeping crew. I'm beginning to wonder if each Cat has it's own optimum speed for comfort Vs sea conditions. I'm less inclined to look at the high speeds quoted in magazines and books for Cats as being 'real world' figures.

My relationship with Dean Cats! None but we hope to buy one in the future.


24th November 2010, 06:01 AM
We have been sailing a new Dean 440 for the past 2 years from South Africa to the Caribbean then through the Pacific and to Australia. We really love the boat. We find it to be safe, strong, fast and very comfortable with loads of space. We are a family with three kids so each kid has a cabin and lots of space to play.

Hull slam is minimal on this boat as the design feature mentioned by Peter seems to really work, although being cruisers we choose our weather for comfortable downwind sailing.

To give you an idea of the speed of the boat we crossed from Galapagos to the Marquesas in 17 days. The lightweight racing boats did it in 14 to 15 days and some slower boats of a similar size did it in 26 days. In the Tahiti rally we were 9th out of 40 fellow Pacific cruisers. A comment from a fellow cat world cruiser we met in New Caledonia was that he would prefer to do a world cruise in a comfortable boat such as ours than on his lightweight fast catamaran that had very few of the comforts.

We have really enjoyed the extras and and systems on the boat such as:
- LED lights throughout, 760watts of solar power, 210amp alternators
- 1 electric winch at steering position with both genoa sheets, main sheet and main and spinnaker haliards leading to it
- symetric spinnaker with sock and quick release clip
- AIS send and receive, lifetag and stobe for nightwatch crew
- 9kg washing machine, watermaker, full size oven

Unfortunately we are heading back to land life and need to sell our boat so if anyone is interested you can get the details of us and our boat on our web site www.merlinsvoyage.net (http://www.merlinsvoyage.net) or just check it out for some cool pictures of the trip.

Gregory :)

14th August 2011, 09:42 PM
Well guys and girls, there is a saying in South Africa that Peter Dean has not built a cat the sank outright ... from the older 365 right up to the 50's.

I am currently negotiating a 40' Dean Espace and i am very impressed with what i have seen so far so if some else have experience of the 40' Espace please tell me about it!

18th August 2011, 02:57 AM
Hello, we are sailing since 2009 with a Dean Cat 441: departure South Africa, Europe, Atlantic ocean , Caraibe to Venezuela and back now in Chesapeake Bay. This boat is just great and secure; It's a beautiful boat; For the season 2011 the boat stay in Chesapeake bay during the time we will visit the US; For rent for 3,6, 12 Month.:) www.franceocean.com (http://www.franceocean.com)

18th August 2011, 10:25 PM
Sory for the above error in my post the yacht is a 40 Dean Aero not a ESPACE!