View Full Version : Free MOB alert device

13th January 2012, 10:36 AM
Many of you will already own a MOB alerting device without even knowing.
At least for a shorthanded crew, at least on a smallish boat.
You need a smartphone, a bluetooth headset (or another smartphone) and a program that monitors the bluetooth link between these two.

The helmsman has the headset in his pocket, the off watch gets the phone. The phone is running a free program like "Never lose my Droid" or "Keep Bluetooth from lost". These programs play an alert when the headset is out of range or dies because it's under water.
The latter program also works with two phones, both alert when the other is out of range.
Both are Android Apps, but iPhone can do similar things I guess

Not perfect, you have to move carfully to stay within the limited range but better than nothing.