View Full Version : Dean 365 Vs Dear Aero 36

26th July 2012, 07:35 AM
First of all, does anyone have any info on the Aero 36? There is one for sale and I'm interested, but I cannot find a single review about it. I'm looking for things like:

- Is the intended design blue-water cruising?
- How does it sail?
- Is it safe?
- Construction? Is it cored or solid? Quality?
- Other general comments would be great
- Pictures and layout / brochure would be great to have if anyone can share!

I'm trying to decide between that and a classic Dean 365. I know that the 365 scores nicely in the all the above, minus performance. Is the Aero 36 an improvement, and what does it sacrifices in? Perhaps roominess? Living space looks much smaller in the pics, though displacement is much larger (I think). Very weird..

Any info greatly appreciated!

26th July 2012, 07:41 AM
Btw, when I say "Dean Aero 36" I mean this boat here (might be called Aero 360?):