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Tigger 2 Charters
13th November 2012, 01:06 PM
Tigger 2 Charters have been operating for the past 16 years in Cape Town and have purchased 2 Power Cat JAG 550's from Dean Catamaran over the last 6 years.
We've been busy with legal action against them for the past 2 years due to major defects on board the last vessel, MV TIGGER 2 Royale.

Presently Dean Catamaran's has been placed under a business rescue plan to try and save the company with the view to sell boats again on the USA market by approaching US investors.

Watch this space for more details.

13th November 2012, 03:08 PM

There is a thread somewhere, but I can't find it now, about Dean being renamed Dear Catamarans and that they had new American(?) owners. I think an agent was appointed in USA who was also a shareholder in the new operation.

Has this changed?


13th November 2012, 06:03 PM

There is a thread somewhere, but I can't find it now, about Dean being renamed Dear Catamarans

Not "Dear" Catamarans, Mike, but Dream Catamarans. The thread you refer to is this (http://www.multihulls4us.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4892) one.


13th November 2012, 09:09 PM
Not "Dear" Catamarans, Mike, but Dream Catamarans. The thread you refer to is this (http://www.multihulls4us.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4892) one.


Ah! :D Thanks, yes.

But I bet the Dreams are dear!



Tigger 2 Charters
20th November 2012, 03:58 PM
1st Episode of what I call a SAGA.

I am Philippe Parmentier and installs in South Africa for 16 years. I m French , 50 years old now but still full of energy and I learn very quickly the tuff way how certain boat builder work in South Africa ….

I have a charter boat business in the heart of the V@A Waterfront Cape Town , my business is running successfully for the last 16 years on the TOP END of the market in the TOURISM Industry . please check it out yourself : www.tigger2.co.za

I order my first Power CAT from DEAN CATAMARAN factory 9 years ago and a second one 4 years ago , great DESIGN but very very poor management to finish properly a boat in time and NO After Sale at all …

Any way the second one cost me a little fortune but I wanted to be on the TOP of that Industry and we did it not without huge Stress to finish that boat and be ready with the season and pay back my bank !!!

Then the problems really started on that very Special boat call “ TIGGER 2 Royale “ with a lots of power and lots of Electronics and a lots of high tech thingy !!!

Then the boat builder DEAN CATAMARAN went completely missing on the fixing side , responsibility side , after sale side , and the real personality of DISHONNEST / FALSE people appear .. asking money to finish the boat playing on exchanges rates , launching cost increasing etc etc

Anyway I HAD NO CHOICE THAN PAY because the contract was so well done for that , it would have cost me time to act legally and I had to start making money ..

Consequences Dean Catamarans s owner made me lose a lot of a lot money, my health (18 pounds) my nerves etc etc ....

The boat never been 100% finished for the launch, bad calculation on props cost me 1 gear box and later 2 cylinder heads and another gear box because of bad workmanship as they never bonded the oil cooler , outside teak flooring need to be completely replaced as they use inside flooring and obviously it s not UV protected and I pass a lot others defect which in total cost me over R 900 000 -00 ( in dollars more or less 850 000 -00 !!!!

Please bear in mind as well I ve probably be the biggest client at that time by ordering 2 boats in 5 years from them and you could imagine I was expecting another treatment and a lot more consideration , but NO when the wind turn against them THERE IS NO MORE smiley faces and I had no choice to go to the LEGAL route then …

It has been 2 years of intense work with my lawyers and obviously between me and a lot of other unhappy customers the pressure increase and they were find in a terrible financial situation which was very close to Bankruptcy .

Then One potential buyer came from the FRENCH market as they sell for the last 10 years 99% to FRENCH people ( funny I did not know that at the time I bought my first one ..) try to get hold of the Company as some of the Products are very good if they were manage properly it obviously could work …

Anyway it collapse mainly because they did not have enough finance to cover the debts and because I was in the middle by arresting the mould and therefore they could not buy the DEAN CATAMARAN business without sorting us out !!!

Then Another player enter the game with other potential investors and their target is to sell these boats under another name on the USA market , I will not mention the name of that company yet …..

Once again all these negotiation are done without trying to sort out the claims and liability from the factory DEAN CATAMARAN ….

So I decided to do my work and inform the public because if all work the way they try to do it , they are going to keep the same people at the head of the company and they will be more clients getting abuse …

THIS IS ONLY THE START OF A LONG STORY and there might be a lot more EPISODES to come if the RIGHT ATTITUDE is not starting SOON………

20th November 2012, 05:28 PM

Phillipe, please continue to keep us all informed of your situation.

Good luck with sorting it all out.


20th November 2012, 11:33 PM
Philippe, welcome to the forums.

I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had with Dean Catamarans but sadly your story is not unique. You might find it interesting to read this discussion (http://www.multihulls4us.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3914).

20th July 2013, 11:03 AM
Watch this space!!!!

I will post the latest developments with regards to Dean Catamaran's story after their liquidation which left almost all of the creditors without any financial compensation very soon.

12th August 2013, 01:48 PM
As promised, here are the latest development in the Dean Catamaran fiasco.

Following huge financial difficulties and a lot of claims against them from unhappy clients and suppliers, Dean Cat went into Business Rescue at the end of last year. This blocked any pending legal actions against them.
This was in fact a clever ruse by them to be able to finish three boats they had on order. These boats had to be partially paid with extra funds by the owners to get boats that they already paid for finished.

Obviously, once the boats were finished, they declared that the company can't be saved and went into liquidation in order to mop up the huge debts with creditors and free themselves of most plaintiffs that were attempting Legal actions against them. Leaving a number of suppliers out of pocket, not to mention all the employees that were not paid salaries.

Then their plan was to negotiate in secret with a new investor (the whole process smells!) to buy the assets for dirt cheap, covering only the liquidators costs to start a "new company" under a different name with the same dishonest people at the top ... The Dean family

They are currently in the process to restart to manufacture the DEAN 5000 which is the only product in their range that has a future.

It is a sad affair that people get away with such dishonesty.

To be continued....

29th January 2014, 06:08 AM
I have a 2004 Dean 440 and am entering a race to the equator. I need to provide an OCR rating which comes form some detailed sail measurements which I dont have. I know total sail area but need to either take sail off (again) and measure all over the roach to various locations or find someone who knows what the standard sail plan specs are. I cannot find on line.
Can anyone help or point me in theright direction so we can prove beyond doubt that Deans not only look great but beat the pants of other mass production cats in the race to the equator?

Look up Neptune Regatta 2014 if interested in the voyage....thanks.

29th January 2014, 09:44 AM
........ so we can prove beyond doubt that Deans not only look great but beat the pants of other mass production cats .......

I dont think anyone has much of a problem with the design - merely with the build

29th January 2014, 05:49 PM
Try contacting Ullman Sails in Cape Town South Africa, previously Quantum Sails as they built the Dean Sails Tel +27 21 593 1620 Ask for Craig or Tony