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17th April 2009, 01:41 PM
Anchorage – Santiago – La Gomera
Dec 2008.
Free anchorage.
Anchor to the east of the sea wall. Be careful of a rocky outcrop around half way along the beach. Good holding on a sandy bottom in around 5 to 8m depth. You can actually get very close to the beach as the bottom drops steeply but remember there is a 2m tidal range in this area so check the tide condition before anchoring. We anchored around 15 metres from the beach and as long as you are out of the rollers you are fine. Untenable with a southerly wind but winds are normally from the NE so check the forecast before. If you are sailing from Tenerife you will encounter the wind acceleration zones (WAZ) around 6 miles offshore both Tenerife and La Gomera with a lull in between. WAZ are caused by the wind being forced through the channel between the two islands. The wind can go from 4 knots to 30 knots inside of 200m so it’s advisable to reef early. You can just about see where the zones start by a small ripple in the sea surface. Also keep your eye out for the high speed inter-island ferries, these are large catamarans and move around at 38 knots. They always have their AIS turned on so quite often you will get an alarm before you actually see them if coming from behind.
A very quiet place with only a few fishermen around in the harbour. The place is totally reliant upon tourism so seemed very secure.
A quaint little village with a large hotel on the hill beside. A good selection of restaurants along the main drag, a little more expensive than the other islands but not too bad. Water is crystal clear but again black volcanic sand rather than the golden variety.
There is a small supermarket at the tee junction of the seafront for all basic requirements. There are also a pharmacy and similar in the streets behind.
There is a boatyard in the harbour will a small lift but only for narrow beams. We can’t comment on the facilities or skilled labour.
It’s advisable to dingy into the main harbour rather than trying a beach landing as the rollers can get a bit rough at times. You will need a very long painter for the dinghy when in the harbour as the cleats are very high up on the sea wall (around 15m). Use the steps provided.

17th April 2009, 02:27 PM
Here is the ariel image

22nd April 2009, 08:30 AM
Noonsite Link for Santiago (http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/CanaryIslands/PlayaSantiago)

29th November 2012, 05:58 PM
Best anchorage is about one mile SW of Santiago, its a sandy bay and very safe for the usual NE to NW winds. drop the anchor on sand in about 4-5m and take the walk over the mountains (about one hour) to Santiago for fresh bread and fruits. Dont forget a flashlight for the return cause its realy dark there in the night.
The anchorage is much better than Valle del Rey.

We also stayed in the marina and they charged 30 Euros/day for our 38ft cat, incl. water+power