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17th April 2009, 06:22 PM
Deportivo De Las Palmas – Las Palmas - Gran Canaria
Feb 2009 to May 2009.
Catamarans are charged by the square meter. Charges were very reasonable at €0.20/msq/day including electricity and water for stays of 1 month or more. The ARC leaves from here every year and you will be ejected from the marina for the months of October and November even if you have paid up front! All boats are moved to the anchorage next door which gets, as you can imagine, very busy.
Las Palmas is a huge industrial port so care needs to be taken when entering to avoid the cargo vessels, ferries and cruise liners. Care should also be taken when entering at night as the marina entrance has the normal red light to port but a flashing amber light to starboard which is to signify the entrance to the cargo area so a little confusing. Upon entering the marina contact them on VHF 11. Do not use VHF 09 or 10 as these are reserved for the cargo port captain and you will get a short sharp response (I know this from experience!). The marina is massive and has space for 1250 boats on the water. The marina reception is to port with a pontoon in front where you can moor whilst completing the normal entry paperwork. Marineros will escort you to your berth in a RIB but don’t expect too much help as they will only pass you the lazy lines at best. Mooring is stern-to with lazy lines. Keys to both the pontoon gates and toilet blocks are available at the reception with a €2 deposit on each.
There are locked gates on the pontoons but the locals seem to just climb round them so a bit of a token effort really. There are Port Police patrolling the marina day and night but ridiculously they have no authority whatsoever and have to contact the Guardia Civil and wait before taking any action. Marineros motor up and down the pontoons every day but they seem to only be counting the number of boats rather than checking security or lines. We have been told of a few thefts from boats on pontoon 17 (which is rather isolated) during 2008 and an owner even got stabbed when woken by thieves on board. Security has been tightened since with a new manned security barrier at that end of the marina and CCTV covering the whole marina. If you can, try and get a berth between pontoon 5 and 11 if possible which will put you in the centre of the marina which is not only more secure but has easy access to all facilities. Take the normal precautions of locking away any loose equipment from the decks and padlock all external lockers. It seems that unfortunately most of the petty thieving is by other yacht owners which is disappointing, a friend of ours even had 3 fenders disappear whilst they were away!
Las Palmas is the Capital of the Canary Islands and the marina is in the city centre city so don’t expect peace and quiet. The marina is also right beside the main hospital so ambulances with sirens are also a regular occurrence. Probably the worst noise though is on a Friday and Saturday night when the two open air night clubs at each end of the marina go on until 6am!! Right beside the marina are the normal facilities any big city can offer. The city is quite dirty with graffiti everywhere but it still feels quite safe walking around at night. There are a number of interesting places to visit within the city and the marina will give you a guide book on arrival. There are a number of restaurants within the marina complex which we found the “Sailors Bar” to be the best. The bar is owned by Pepino who is an Italian and serves good food at reasonable prices. There is free Wi-Fi at both the Sailors Bar and the Sotovento club at the southern end of the Marina.
There are two Hyper Dino supermarkets not far from both ends of the marina. The one at the southern end will deliver provisions to the boat. There’s a large indoor market towards the centre where you can get all of your fresh vegetables and fruit and I believe a few stalls will also deliver.
There are a number of chandlers within the marina complex the best being Rolnautic. There is a 20T lift in Las Palmas but is limited to 6.25m beam. The boatyard, I have been told, are excellent and all sorts of repairs can be carried out. We had some GRP repairs carried out by a company called “LoLo” whose work was first class and quite reasonable. We can also recommend “Alisios Sailing” where Octavio will look after any of your rigging and sail repairs. All of these services can be found along the main drag in the marina. Rolnautic are the agents for most of the main marine equipment such as Raymarine, Furuno, Cruisair, Spectra Watermakers and many more. If you need any repairs for watermakers, aircon or fridge/freezers then ask at Rolnautic for ‘Jean Marie’ who is the local engineer and was excellent. Rolnautic will also get hold of ‘Angel’ for you who is the local Raymarine Guru. Make sure you compare prices at Rolnautic for chandlery as they are around 30 to 50% more expensive than the UK even at reasonable Euro exchange rates and Vat free. Be very careful having goods shipped to any of the Canary Islands using normal freight forwarders as you will get stung for import tax on everything unless it comes in by normal parcel post.
The marina is great if you need to leave the boat for trip back home or if you need any work carried out but it wouldn’t be my choice for stays of any length of time, it’s not really a holiday resort or cruising destination.

22nd April 2009, 08:32 AM
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