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Thread: Sail GP in Sydney

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    Default Sail GP in Sydney

    Races on Feb 15 and 16.

    Boats have been out practicing this week. Very light winds, 6 to 7 kts.

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    If they lift like that in 6 - 7 knots wind, what will they do in a normal sailing breeze of 20 knots or so. The prospect would be frightening. Well, maybe not to them!

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    The boats are designed to sail at up to 50kts!

    They do have smaller wingsails and jibs for stronger breezes.

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    Bit more breeze yesterday

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    Was great fun to watch today, especially once the breeze kicked in a bit for the second and third races. Will be back out there again tomorrow...

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    Aussies really kicked arse! Even with a shocking start in race 5, giving away about a 20 second lead, they were back in front by the bottom gate!

    Surprising how much one team could dominate in a strict one design series.

    Good racing though, a little more breeze would have been nice, they were "only " hitting mid thirty knot speeds. In around 10kts wind...

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    Given that Slingsby and Outridge have way more time on the boats than anyone else, its not really that suprising those are the two leading boats, is it?

    I think max wind speed was 14 knots and max boat speed 34 knots. Pretty incredible really....

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    It was surprising to me at least, how quickly the Australian team recovered from the poor start in race 5. Against even Outridge, who was the favourite, pre race.

    And the 2 boat match race was a bit of a miss match race.
    More like a slaughter, almost reminiscent of that time the Kiwis raced a 130' mono against a 60' cat.

    For a one design series, yes the difference surprised me.

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    Meh, I don't really like match racing anyway. Outridge lost it on the start - though I didn't see who had the preferred side into the box. Once Slingsby could push him up at the first mark, it was a foregone conclusion and unlikely to change.

    Given the crew on Japan vs Australia - I think there's a danger the whole series will be a whitewash.,

    Why isn't there an NZ crew?

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