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Thread: BB385 - pros and cons

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    Trevor and Jo,

    As you are just back in the UK, would highly recommend having a look at the D-400 made by Eclectic Energy. Having spent 3+ years looking at various wind gens in a wide variety of wind conditions the Rutland is the absolute quietest, BUT does not produce much in the way of power. The D-400 is virtually a whisper louder, but produces gobs of power and starts a low wind speeds (like the Rutland).


    Unfortunately, most boat builders (the ones who are actually making money), would just have to add the cost of surveyors/inspectors on to the bottom line and we sailors being a pretty cheap lot, would object to paying this.

    On top of that, I can see a smarmy salesperson saying, "oh, you wouldn't want one of those, they are so worried about their ability to make a good boat, they hire a surveyor to check after them."

    Fair Winds,

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    our BB385 has construction no. 33 and we started from ipswich to greece in may 2008 where we arrive in september. now we are sailing greece sincs apr 2009, the boat will b on the hard mid of october. this is ust that you can see that we use the boat not only for the weekend but we (couple, max. 2 guests) live on it for six month a year.

    we love the boat, its very safe even in strong winds, we had over
    40kn in the cyclades and the regular wind in july and august was always 25-35kn

    we had visited the factory in poland three times when the boat was under construction and we cant complain about their part. we do not have any delamination problems.

    we hade some changes from the original layout:

    we had a carpenter who made cabinets on both sides midships to get addl storage
    we have storage instead of the fridge which is much too small, we have a 130L fridge which is midships/port
    we have a small washing machine midships/stbd
    we have smev hob (3-burner)where with a lid so we have much more space in the galley
    we do not have the 2nd genoa but we have a 120sqm parasail
    we have 8 solarpanels kyocera kc85, 4 on a custom made arch which also holds the dinghy (3,20m is the max between the hulls!) the motor for the dinghy and the wingen which is an eclectic d400
    we have a custom made hardtop
    we have 30hp volvos and i thinks its good to have them i.o. the smaller 20hp engines
    most of the time we are anchoring (just now we are on anchor on the island of astypaleia) and we have 50m chain and a 30kg anchor, we use the original delta anchor as backup and our 2nd anchor is a fortress fx30
    we havnt ordered any electronic equipment from BB, we had a specialist who made all the installation (autopilot,radar, vhf, inverter....)

    its a must to have the opening windows in the galley/saloon!

    well there are not just good things on the boat, specilly the entrance door is always a pain....

    if you want something more in detail - email me!

    regards from greece,

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    Thank you so much for such a helpful response. As we plan to do exactly what you are doing your experiences are especially relevant.

    Having dug out or Greek Waters Pilot and checked the position of Astypalaia we are very envious.

    I'll drop you a note shortly but just wanted to say a quick 'Thank You'.

    Trevor & Jo

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    Just a quick note to thank everyone who have been so generous with their time and advice.

    In a short spell we have picked up many, many tips from Broadblue owners making our selection of a boat a zillion times easier.

    Thank you all and fair winds.

    Trevor & Jo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splash Out View Post
    one particular surveyor has already done 90% of all the BB surveys done in the UK and already has significant experience in this matter?
    Just for completeness - who is the surveyor with most experience of Broadblue boats?

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