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Thread: Lagoon 42 TPI - Going out Sydney Heads......

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    Hi Guys,

    Do you have, or know some who has, a copy of the owners manual for a Lagoon 42 TPI? Its not really a critical document now that the boat is nearly 18 years old - multiple modifications by multiple owners makes it fun tracking things down. But it would be nice to see how the boat was meant to be wired when it left the TPI factory in Rhode Island USA.

    Sorry about the earlier duplicate video post - I will get the hang of this system over time.

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    There is a Lagoon Owners Group on Yahoo groups. Maybe you could try there.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Marshall. I'll give it a try.
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    Thanks for posting your blog in the links section, it's nicely done. A good balance of gearhead stuff and the general fun stuff. (of course I'm always on the lookout for more gearhead stuff)

    If you get a chance I would like to hear your thoughts on some of the more unique items on your boat, like the crows nest and even the mast steps. Seeing much extra wear on the jib luff from these? Think you will use them much?


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    The crows nest is rather special - I am not sure I would install it myself, but a previous US owner had it custom made and the family we bought the boat from apparently used it all the time.

    The ability to get up high and guide a boat through coral reef systems is incredible handy. As a teenager I used to climb the mast of our Crowther Eureka 32 catamaran, stand on the spreaders and yell directions to mum to pass onto dad at the helm - crude but effective.

    I would never be without mast steps. The steps on Lucey Blue fold away which sounds nice (see open and closed steps in the image below). But it can also be annoying when you get your hands pinched as the steps move on the climb up the mast.


    The self taking blade jib on the Lagoon 42 TPI does not rub on the crows net or mast steps. But I wish the jib was a bit bigger - if time and money allows a larger sail maybe in order for lighter conditions.......

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    I have an owners manual for the Lagoon 42 TPI, also have the Lagoon! Could make a copy for you if you havent found one yet. Am UK based but the boat and manual is in the USVI. Returning there August.
    Your new windows and hatches look great. What is the trimming material used on the inside?
    Fair winds Graham

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    Hi Graham,

    I greatly appreciate your offer and would be happy to cover the cost associate with photocopying the owners manual and postage to Australia - drop me an email and we can discuss.

    The trim around the salon windows is made of timber and painted white. I suspect the trim was made by TPI as it is an almost perfect match to the coach roof and windows - impressive given the complex curves.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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