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Thread: Leopard 47 Manual(s)

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    Would appreciate very much any advice on where to find technical documentation / manuals for our 2004 Moorings 4700.
    We have the Moorings Manual part 2, very good one, but would be great to have a guide to fuses location etc.
    Best Regards from Yum-Yum

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    Hello, welcome. I know it sounds a bit obvious, sorry, but have you tried contacting either a Leopard dealer or the factory? I would have thought they could send you a .pdf or something. It is still a fairly recent boat, so they should have something.

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgesner View Post
    Yes, the manuals are in the "Files" section.

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    is that L47 manual from the yahoo leopard group been edited? (or is it even the correct one?)

    it states a 41.5 ft overall length and 22.75 ft beam...which i'm almost certain is not accurate.

    does anyone have a L47(or even a L45) manual scanned?

    thanks in advance

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