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Thread: Leopard 40 Experiences

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    Question Leopard 40 Experiences

    Hello all,

    I am considering a Leopard 40 out of charter and would love to hear any personal knowledge or experience about Leopards in general and specifically the L40. This one is an 08.


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    Camp Director,

    I'm surprised you didn't post this on M4Us first. That being said, you got some good comments over on CF.

    If you are looking for some moral support to "pull the trigger" and convince yourself that the Leopard 40 is the right choice, you might be disappointed because I don't recall much discussion about experiences with the Leopard 40 here.

    You might get a lot of suggestions for other boats in the 40' range, though, as there are a lot of catamaran owners in that range on this forum.

    We actually spent quite some time dreaming on the Leopard 40 at Annapolis Sailboat Show in 2006, just thinking "what if" -- It wasn't a realistic dream, as we had just made an offer on a more realistically affordable Lagoon 35, but I didn't want to get off!

    Based on your comments in the thread you started on Cruisers Forum, it appears your finances have you leaning toward a boat out of charter. You may get some comments regarding that, as well.

    If that is definitely the path you are going to take, you should try to make contact with Peter Wiersema, member name is catabroker on this forum -- -- Peter is quite knowledgeable, as he works for the Moorings Brokerage. He is more than willing to spend time discussing boats with you--he spent a lot of time with me when I was mildly interested in a Simonis-designed Leopard 38 several years ago, and he occasionally contributes on M4Us. Peter would be the one to contact if you are looking to purchase a Leopard 40 out of charter. I don't remember what his Moorings email is but I think you can reach him at

    BTW, Peter also posted interior measurement specs on the Leopard 40 in a thread on this forum about headroom. You might be interested:

    Good luck in your search.

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    You should join the Yahoo Leopard group, where you will find many helpful Leopard owners.

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    I just purchased a Leopard 40 from the moorings. You say the one your looking at is a 2008, that is unusual. Most boats stay in charter for 5 years and then perhaps an additional year in their sun sail fleet and if it's not too beat up another year or two in the Bearfoot fleet.
    I got hull no.43, 2006. It was the last of the boats that required beefing up the forward inboard bulkheads.

    Each boat is ridden hard but some are in better condition than others. A surveyor is your best investment. Turns out both rudders e have separated from their stocks. It was not noticeable under sail but the surveyor knew what to look for. The moorings did repair both under warranty.

    The boat it's self is nice and the largest, newest cat available at that price.

    It is comfortable but as a live aboard it lacks storage space. There is lots under the births but a hassle to get to.
    If you are a DIY it is a good investment but if your not, repair coats can add up quickly.

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    Veryew to Leopard 40 ownership, am about to take delivery of my first!
    certainly some good reports and bservations on these.

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