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    I'm considering converting from my 19 ft Hunter monohull to a small Trimaran. My sailing is short, gentle [hopefully but not always] cruising - west coast Scotland - boat kept on mooring - not trailered about.
    I've seen Triarti Trimarans on the internet. Anyone out there any experience of them that they'd care to share please.


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    Hi, I'm french and I've got one Triarti since one year. I sailed her (it ?) 15 days this year and I really like her. If you want specific answers, don't hesitate...

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    Hi, I'm half French and I have JUST had work finished on my Triarti - sailed her two days last week. No real information yet - apart from sailing at 5.4 knots in 12 knots of wind and that with the tiller locked she held her course perfectly up and downwind. Over the two days (14 hours of sailing, with many upwind legs) she didn't fail a tack, with speeds as low as 1.6 knots. The floats take a while to remove and refit - an hour each (though we have only done this once) with four men! I really enjoyed sailing her. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask - we should be sailing her every second weekend till she is lifted for the winter.

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