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    Hi all nice to meet you here

    i intend to purchase a used privilege 37 catamaran and I would like to charter one in Greece
    the 37 will probably be hard to find in charter companies so I will Seattle with 395.
    dose any of you know a good charter company in Greece area that can offer this model?


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    Not many Privileges in charter anywhere apart from a few 435/445s. I was going to suggest Ecker Yachting, a Privilege agent a few years ago who did charters, but it seems they went bankrupt...

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    Thanks Mike

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    There used to be a 37 for charter in croatia. I think the name of the boat was espada, we chartered it back in 2010. Memory fades away but i think condition was ok back then, except the saildrives were making heavy noise and the engines were at 7000 hrs IIRC.

    Here its still listed, don't know if this boat is still active. They tried to sell it for several years.

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    Just contacted them and got a reply, indeed they no longer have this boat, but i have asked them to try and offer me the privilege 395, waiting.

    thank you

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