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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    Go sail on one, crew, delivery, charter, whatever. Plenty of time between now and Sept to organise a trip. Good luck.
    That is in fact the Plan. Taking one out for 2 weeks in July most likely. Along with a refresher course.

    We've inspected one at the dock for several hours so far, (along with a bunch of others, like the 39) and really like the 400.


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    FWIW, we just spent a week on a 2013 Leopard 39 (Moorings 3900), owner's version in the BVI, with 5 aboard.
    Please read the following with the knowledge that I have just spent 2 years (1 1/2 years cruising) with a 2003 44' Privilege and so my comments may be colored by that experience.

    Performance: Pros: very nice arrangement of lines to cockpit. It was very easy to single hand while tacking upwind and downwind. Nice Harken winches at the helm.
    Cons: slow, at least with the sail plan available and it had 2 blade fixed props. Didn't like the fact that you have to go forward to raise the main, and could only use the winch on the mast for this task. Also, I found reefing to be tedious, as you also have to go to the mast and attach the tack and use the mast winch to bring in the reefing line. If I were to take this boat on a long passage I would definitely change to a "jiffy reef" arrangement and consider an electric winch at the helm. It seemed to take forever to raise the main.
    Decks: Pros: I loved the arrangement of the forward lockers which contained the water tanks, anchor rode, and generator. I also liked the overall flat decks which minimized tripping/toe stubbing. I liked the hard top as it made for a fun dive platform for the kids and was sturdy for going up to the boom. The flow from the cockpit to salon had a nice open feel and altogether spacious feel. It felt larger than I was expecting. I very much liked the dinghy davit/crane system. I saw no evidence of the crazing or cracking of the gel coat that I had seen on older Leopards when cat shopping back in 2013. I liked the arrangement of the sugar scoops as swim platforms. I liked the large lewmar hatches for the engine lazarettes. Engine access was very easy. I very much liked the mere 39" draught. The short sail drives seemed well protected behind the keels.
    Cons: The openness off the stern gave me an uncomfortable feeling of exposure. We learned very quickly to not leave out anything that could slide or fall from the table or helm. We lost a winch handle within a few minutes of leaving the marina (we had put it down under the helm-it slid off the back on the first wake hitting us abeam). The lifelines seemed low and inadequate. The high step and high lip on the sliding glass door frame led to a lot of tripping and toe stubbing and we could see where numerous previous charterers had done the same, as the screw heads had all been knocked loose. The single lifeline at the sugar scoop steps I would not find adequate for passage making. The lockers in the cockpit were small.
    Galley/Salon: Pros: nice use of space. Nice countertops, fair counter space for a cat this size. Nice fridge/freezer arrangement. Large salon table with plenty of seating.
    Cons: low quality veneers that were delaminating on the cabinets and floors. Inadequate space for food storage, although there were lockers in the hulls that could be used for this purpose. Small nav table in master suite, seemed to be an afterthought. No nav data accessible at the nav table.

    Cabins: They had a fairly spacious feel for a cat of this size, and were well appointed with shelves and lockers, especially on the "owner's" side.

    Overall impression: We enjoyed our time and didn't feel cramped in our week aboard. A fair sailing, fun, very good boat for charter, but for long term use and passage making, I would make a lot of changes.

    Good Luck in your hunt!


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