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Thread: The proas of Balkan Shipyards.

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    Default The proas of Balkan Shipyards.

    We're back with a few more details....
    from 1 unfinished proa, I upgraded to 2.....
    WHY NOT? is so cool and I learned so much from him, that I wish i made him earlier. U live U learn!
    all d best, from Balkan Shipyards.

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    Default Re: The proas of Balkan Shipyards.

    When you have got it finished, with a sail on and I can see what you are talking about, then (perhaps) I will understand. At the moment it is fascinating but totally perplexing.

    It is going to be very interesting to see her on the water being tacked to and fro, turned and gybed. Have you any ideas yet as to when that will be?

    Keep going and keep up the good news.

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Default Re: The proas of Balkan Shipyards.

    I've been breaking my head on this for over a year now......
    it isn't complicated, it was just hiding around the corner.
    sailing soon, cant wait.
    all d best, rael.

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