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    Hello everyone, first post here.

    I've been looking at Wharrams, Woods Designs etc.. as considering a either a cuddy cabin cat of 30-35' or a simple (read cheap) bridgedeck cat. I narrowed it down to a Wharram Tiki 30 for strictly A to B sailing or the Woods Sagitta, Eclipse, Windsong, Mira/Banshee for longer voyages but came across the Maram 36 built around 1979/80 etc.. I can't find any info on the boat, not even the builder!

    Centre cockpit, 1.60m limited headroom in the saloon, but a good sailor. Mentally I consider it an open cat with a bigger cuddy than most. As a cuddy it's fine, if you expect a Lagoon size saloon/headroom then obviously the boat fails.

    Anyone have knowledge of the class?


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    Never heard of a Maram some pictures might give us a clue.

    FWIW - Richard Wood's Sagitta is one of the best cats I have sailed in this size/class.

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    Hello Richard,

    Welcome to this forum.

    I have found two Marams at Ralf Weise's site:

    The direct link didn't want to load, filter/search for the Marams. Ralf Weise used to own a Maram 36 so he is in a good position to assist you.

    Good luck and keep us informed!
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    Hi, so a bit of an late reply but i own one of these since 6 months now, it's in very poor condition and will be undergoing heavy renovation for a while but it'll be worth it, i love the (expected) compromise between a fast sailing cat yet plenty of living space for bringing the family and friends along.

    It was built by a consortium of 11 owners in Sweden that hired designer Heinz-Jürgen Sass to design a boat for them and only 11 was built in total 79-82, one for each owner and none where sold commercially as far as i know. Some are customised during the build by the owners with an increased width, i believe they should be around 11.5m.

    Here is a site with detaild info and pictures, if you have anyquestions please post them here and i'll try to (find/figure out an) answer.

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