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    I am new to the boat building game. I bought a half built farrier F82R trimaran from an old boat builder who developed a health issue. I am loving the project but it would be nice to have advice from some experienced builders. I have joined this forum for advice/guidance.

    I need to start buying deck gear i.e. winches, clutches, turning blocks etc.. Does anyone have advice on brands re. quality vs cost and what is value for money?


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    Hello Arthur, you don't say where you are based, but I would have thought that you might start by checking local suppliers as importing items, even if they are marginally better, gets expensive.

    Have you tried asking the 'old boat builder' where he would have bought them?

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Yes, would be helpful to know where you're based.

    Good luck with the project, must be close to finished if you're buying deck gear already!

    Don't know how much would be useful to you, but there are some bargains here:

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