Hi I'm Alexandre Rua from Portugal.

I've been interested ina a Corsair F24 for a long time now.
Recently appeared a oportunity to buy one.
But I have some concerns.
I sail in the north of Portugal, Atlantic coast, in the summer it is frequent to have 25kts+ of wind in the afternoon, and by the end of the day 4m waves.
I sailed 2 minitransat monohulls, for a long time, and that is rough conditions but ok.
During that many sails, for could say 10times when going downwind with 2 reefs and small spi,(and by mistake or a conjuntion of factors) I get to turn into the wind, with the spi in the water and the boat heeled by 45 degrees or more, and 2 knock downs.

Will the F24 perform well on these circumstances?
will it sailing downwind have tendency to get back to wind?
When sailing fast downwind, when getting again to wind will it heel, or risk capsize?

Thanks for all the help you can give me