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Thread: Bridge Deck Clearance/Leopard 39

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    As a monohull sailor contemplating a cat for some passage making, I've read varied opinions about bridge deck clearance. Some say you should almost be able to row a tender through, some specify a minimal distance they deem acceptable, and some say other factors related to hull shape, load, and buoyancy are also in play where "slapping of waves" is concerned. With these opinions in mind, I recently participated in a sea trial of a Leopard 39. The bridge deck clearance looks to be a little over two feet, inadequate in the opinion of most.
    A strong cold front had just passed, and conditions were 40 knot winds, three and a half-foot seas, and periods of rain and hail. I listened for slapping when we motored dead upwind to raise sail, and when we fell off on a beat. I was surprised to hear no slapping. I suspect any cat will slap occasionally and in certain conditions, but I'm leaning now toward not viewing bridge deck clearance as the Holy Grail of it. BTW, this is a solidly built boat.

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    I am sailing a Privilege 435. The bridge deck clearance is high enough to pass under it while rowing my tender. When the outboarder (Tohatsu 5 HP) is attached, the motor is about 3 cm to high to pass under it.

    My experience is that slapping can happen at any boat when the waves are high enough and you run against them.

    My boat has a long middle "hull" above the water and I sometimes feel that this reduces slapping of waves by cutting into the top of the waves. Thus, when the front part of the bridge deck is more vertical, I expect that slapping happens more often and is much louder.
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