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    Does anyone know anything about Island Spirit Catamarans? I've seen them mentioned on a few Youtube channels. But the only info I can find is their own website. I'm hoping someone else might know something about them.

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    The original ones 36/37 and later 40ft versions were very capable given their small size. The designer was the reputable Phil Southwell, who I believe also designed the Maverick 400. I know of 2 long term ocean cruisers that have been very satisfied.

    I understood the original company collapsed some years ago so this looks like a re-incarnation. No idea if it is the same people or if they just bought the name. No idea if the new design is good or bad. They look like they are using good techniques, foam and infusion, but would be very sceptical of their claims of 35% reduction in weight over vacuum bagged construction.

    Nice to see a new design coming on stream.

    Report back on your findings.

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