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Thread: Lagoon 440, 421, Orana 44

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    I was thinking of purchasing a L450 back in the day. Probably of the earliest years to make it affordable. However, due to some financial issues (large purchase), I have to rethink my plan. I still want to retire in 3 years, but a $400-425k L450 is not realistic. I need to be down in the low 300 range now. I'm not willing to work longer to save more.
    I've been looking at a bit older models like the L440 and L421 and even a Orana 44. I think that something in the 2005 - 2008 range for a 440 or a newer L421.
    I'm working on assessing larger OLDER boat (L440/Orana44) vice a little smaller, but newer L421.
    I'm not really into performance, the cruiser life for me, and one circumnavigation is in the plans. I've been coastal sailing for about 3 years now and enjoy it. I've traveled the world via the military and want to continue. I plan to sail for about 7-10 years, but who knows.
    My concerns are:
    Newer is nice to reduce repairs. I can fix anything literally, but as I get older, not enjoying it as much. I'd like to relax more.
    Larger is better if my wife can have her laundry washer, water maker, dive compressor, etc. (more to maintain....I know)
    All three are of the same relative width and thus not much for marina costs differences. However, marinas will be of last resort and probably only a few times a year.
    Water and fuel are high on the list. I love to sail and my wife prefers to motor. I'm preparing for sailing on my shifts, and likely motor on hers. I have to work on that though.
    Smaller is cheaper to maintain, easier to manage, etc, but not much difference between a 421 and 440. There will only be us two, but maybe an additional couple twice a year. Although I like to have guest, I'm not willing to change my needs/desires to accommodate others maybe twice a year. I.e. a couple older people with a mini van just incase the friends want to come.

    What do you all think; smaller newer or older larger? Will be sailed single handedly.

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    Default Re: Lagoon 440, 421, Orana 44

    Don't worry, during a circumnavigation you'll be fixing things regularly whatever the age of the boat. Things get old very quickly when you've got the same sails up for a couple of weeks at a time crossing oceans. Your wife will soon be happy under sail providing you keep to an easily handled rig that keeps drama to a minimum. My wife was similar when we started out but once I changed to just using two genoas, wing and wing, rolled around the same furling gear she was happy. No need to leave the cockpit, sail reduced easily if needed or just kept to an amount that would deal with most situations and trundle along at around 5 knots downwind. There's no need to rush, you're retired!

    Which boat... any of those will do. 42ft is big enough for two people, so is 40ft. Mine was 44ft but I always felt I'd be quite happy with smaller. Personally I don't like fly bridges, I want to be sitting behind a nice solid bulkhead when the weather turns bad but there are many people who disagree with my preference.

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    I'm still not convinced on a fly bridge. Catamaran IMPI is a big fan of the one on his 440 (love his videos!), but just not sure myself about it. I chartered a 2005 440 in 5 days of 7 in bad weather. Sort of sucked sailing the boat in 30+kt wind with snorkeling goggles on in driving rain (no front screen either). The charter boat had an unreliable autopilot and thus required manning 24/7. I did note that everyone, due to rain, stayed down in the solon and I was often left up in the rain out of the social events and discussions. It was good in the little sun we had, but still not convinced yet.

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